Press Release: An inside look at DuniaPay’s New App Launch that’s disrupting FinTech in Africa (EN)

3 min readApr 13, 2021


Imagine having one app that’s your one-stop payment solution to do all your financial tasks right on the go — anywhere from purchasing cryptocurrencies to buying airtime units. Well it’s possible! Thanks to DuniaPay’s mobile app that’s questioning the current banking and financial standards and methods. What makes this article special is the announcement of their brand NEW version launch that introduces a whole new design and an even more simplified experience for the user (like it wasn’t easy enough to make a transfer already?!)! Read on to get into all the details!

New Features and Improvements

Previously DuniaPay went on to offer services such as money transfer, airtime purchase, bitcoin purchase and in-store payments via QR Code scanning — now they’re taking the experience to a new level. Africa’s very own full-service digital bank is happy to announce the roll out of the brand new version of their application, available to download on the Google Play Store and App Store. The new app will be featuring:

  1. International and Domestic Money Transfer
  2. Purchase Airtime for Orange, Moov, and Telecel providers
  3. Crypto Transactions — which includes Buying and Selling as well as Sending and Receiving cryptocurrencies. Currently the app supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and CELO.
  4. In-Store Payments — make payments using just a simple QR Code!

Not to mention technical bug-fixes which smooth out your app experience even more.

What to keep an eye out for

A big feature DuniaPay is looking to roll out in the near future is the Savings Account — it’s safe, secure and all possible using stablecoins and decentralized financial protocols. The huge drum roll is on the fact that it earns up to 8% interest annually with flexible payout periods! Another service offering in the pipeline is Online Payments — allowing you to make a payment on any website that accepts VISA.

Low Fees are an Accessibility Factor

Expensive fees associated with such simple financial transactions has been a long standing issue for the average Burkinabé, the average African for that matter. The digital wallet with a current user base of over 5K active members is proud to announce major fee decreases in their fee structure. DuniaPay no longer charges any fees for DuniaPay to DuniaPay transfers. Bitcoin selling and purchasing margin fees have also marked a very significant decrease of 3% with this launch.

New Regions on the Expansion Roadmap

The Burkina Faso-based company is also in the works with expansion plans to bring their application’s incredible value into other regions of Africa. Currently the application is only available to download in Burkina Faso. Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Mali, and Guinea respectively, are in the geo-target plans for this year.

Partnerships and Investments

Over the past year, DuniaPay has successfully secured a funding of over $400,000 CAD, and wouldn’t be here without strong collaborations. With this new release, new partnerships are also in play. A strong focus is on Celo-based systems in an effort to support the ecosystem of a safe, reliable, and innovative DeFi experience. DuniaPay is moving on to work alongside the many new organizations on exciting integrations and projects. Partners include:

The team at DuniaPay is actively looking for and participating in new growth strategies with companies that hold similar goals, values, and interests. Interested in working together? Reach out to the founders to learn more.

Download the application

The app is currently available on the Android and iOS platforms.

DuniaPay wants to hear your feedback on how they can improve your financial journey and what would you like to see next in terms of feature offerings.

Learn more about the company here.




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