EN: What Is a Digital Wallet and Why Do You Need One in 2021?

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What Is a Digital Wallet?

Not all digital wallets are created equally. A digital wallet is a digital ledger of money you’ve deposited with an organization. With a digital wallet, you have access to online markets using a secure “wallet” that holds a record of your payment methods.

DuniaPay: The Next Generation

What’s makes DuniaPay the next generation?

How Do I Use DuniaPay?

Your wallet would require an initial deposit to get started with using any of the features.

Tomorrow’s Digital Wallet, Today

Not to be biased, but it’s a no-brainer that your next digital wallet should be DuniaPay. Digital wallets until now have been sufficient, but it’s a whole new world now. Especially after the coronavirus pandemic, physical money is quickly disappearing, decentralized finance is quickly taking over and you’re in the right spot to take full-advantage of innovative new financial tools that bring you closer to financial freedom.



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